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Private Bankers/Wealth Managers Aptitude Test    

1) Traditional wealth client identification criteria will almost always miss “entrepreneurs” who can scale up to significant wealth

2) Client Identification should include entrepreneurs who may not have surplus funds now but has business value “unlocking” potential through an IPO or part divestment

3) Wealth can be generated from business operations or “unlocking” of value

4) Entrepreneurs build their financial investments at a stage when they have “cashed” out of their businesses

5) A professional with Employee stock options or “sweat equity” is a potential wealth management client

6) A Wealth manager does not need to understand alternate investment options like real estate

7) A Wealth client never need help with financing

8) Wealth clients measure your performance by seeing the returns you can deliver on their investments

9) Clients who have inherited or "passive" wealth and those who have first generation or "entrepreneur" wealth must be serviced the same way

10) Meeting quarterly targets for New business is the benchmark of a successful private banker/wealth manager

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